Saskatchewan Cardiology Technologists Association

SCTA Continuing Education Units

The Continuing Education Program offered by the Saskatchewan Cardiology Technologists Association (SCTA) is intended to provide the members with a means of demonstrating that they are maintaining a level of competency in their profession. Units or credits may be acquired for continuing education and other professional activities. 

**New as of Jan 1, 2023**

Starting January 1, 2023, CSCT will be moving away from a triennium and implementing a new CEU process in which members will be required to submit 10 CEUs every year by December 31.  The CSCT board of directors will take over the responsibility of the processing and verification of CEU submissions.  This will no longer be a provincial responsibility. A CSCT CEU committee is now responsible for the maintenance of CEUs.  This committee consists of up to 10 members in good standing.  A committee chair, a representative from every province as well as the CSCT Education Director.  

Members will continue to submit their CEUs on their provincial member profiles. You will now use the CSCT CEU forms to claim your submissions rather than your provincial forms.  These will be posted on the website in the new year. The CEU standards have changed slightly in order to reflect the new requirement of 10 per year and can be found below for your viewing. 

On January 1st, member profiles will be audited to ensure each member has 10 CEUs submitted.  Members who have not met the requirements will be contacted via email.  If you have lapsed, your status will be changed to ‘Not in good standing’ due to CEUs noncompliance and you will have to follow the updated reinstatement policy to return to ‘In good standing’. If you have any questions, comments, or appeals regarding CEUs, please email .

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