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December 29, 2020

Hello SCTA Members,

I hope you have all continued to stay safe and healthy and continuing to be in good spirits. I know this is especially difficult for many of us during this different holiday season. Hopefully this time in our lives will be a distant memory sooner rather than later. On Dec 15, 2020 the SCTA executive met virtually and had some discussions on various house keeping topics that we would like to inform and update the membership about:

  1. Annual membership fees are due in the next couple of days. Late charges will be applied for any payments received Jan 1, 2021 or later. Please refer to the SCTA website for more details or contact Carla Regush.

  2. Thank you for all of you who were able to take part in virtual CCC’s this year. We had 19 of our members take advantage if this amazing opportunity. There appeared to be some very interesting topics and I hope that those who attended felt the same. At this time there are still a few people who have yet to submit their forms for financial reimbursement and CEUs. We are asking all members who attended to please have both of these submitted no later than Dec 31, 2020. Submissions after this will not be accounted for.

  3. In the New Year SCTA will be updating our website alongside other provinces in the country via the Wild Apricot database provider. Keep and eye for a launch date and a revamped interface. Please make sure your contact info is update so we can use what you have on your account for the migration process.

  4. Earlier this month CSCT launched their new logo to commemorate their 50th anniversary. Unfortunately we were not able to celebrate this amazing milestone in Edmonton, but we are hopeful we will still get this opportunity in the near future.

  5. The CSCT is also planning to hold their annual AGM virtually in March 2021. Please keep and eye out for upcoming emails with more details on this event.

  6. As for the SCTA AGM, at this moment we have decided to continue with a virtual AGM. We are looking into recording speakers to allow for more direct education sessions. We will be sending out a survey in the near future to understand what would work best for our members. If there are any specific speakers or topics you would like us to cover please forward them my way.

  7. Earlier this month the SCTA Executive was asked to re visit the topic of Provincial Legislation. At this time the SCTA executive has to decided to respond to this request similarly to the way we have in the past. Members are welcome to investigate the legislation process and present the discoveries to the SCTA Executive, however, at this time the SCTA executive does not feel it is in our best interest to personally be involved in the process. If there are specific members who would like to spear-head this project, please feel free to contact the membership, either through emailed or Facebook, to rally a committee. As previously stated by the SCTA executive, we will always continue to support and respect those members who would like to take part in this process. Since this is a topic we have revisited numerous times, we feel as though we have been very clear as to where we personally stand on the direct organization of this topic. If there are any further concerns please feel free to contact any SCTA executive member directly, otherwise, we would appreciate to not revisit this topic until a proper committee is formed with appropriate research that can be presented.

For those of you working over the holidays I wish you all the best and appreciate you taking time away from your families to help patients who are unable to spend time with their own loved ones. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope we will all be able to be together again soon.

Stay safe,

SCTA President

Oksana Czaikowski

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