Saskatchewan Cardiology Technologists Association

Type of SCTA memberships and annual fees: 

Registered Active Member: $175.00

Registered Inactive Member: $ 100.00

Student Member:  $105.00

Registered Member in Good Standing -  Registered Member who has satisfied all prerequisites including Continuing Education Units (CEU) as established by the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists (CSCT). Paid their yearly Membership dues. A registered Member in good standing has the right to vote, hold office and be entitled to all privileges of the Association.

Registered Inactive Member – a Registered Inactive Member shall hold a valid certification of qualification evidencing the successful completion of the CSCT Certification examination but who is not actively working in the field of cardiology. An Inactive Member shall pay all applicable annual dues and maintain all of the prerequisites and Continuing Education Units (CEU). Inactive Members do not maintain the right to vote, but may hold a non-voting appointed office within the Association.

Business, Commercial or Industry Member - any individual proprietorship, partnership, association, body corporate, trustee, executor, administrator or legal representative not holding a valid, current certificate of qualification of the Association, but who has paid the applicable annual dues and who has received approval of the Executive Council. This category has no vote and is not eligible to hold any office.

Honorary Life Members - a Registered Member that is recognized for professional contribution  to the Association and approved by the Members. An Honorary Life Member has all of the privileges of a Registered Member in good standing.

Student Membership

  • To become a Student Member the Association must be satisfied that the applicant has satisfied all prerequisites.
  • Is enrolled in a CSCT approved/ CMA accredited (or in the process of accreditation) cardiology technology program that will upon successful completion enable the student to write the National Certification Examination, as set by the CSCT, and 
  • Has paid all applicable Membership dues and any related fees, in full. 
  • A Student Member does not have the right to vote, to hold an elected or an appointed office.

To become a Student Member of the SCTA:

1. Complete Application for SCTA Student Membership
2. Email completed form and supporting documents to the SCTA Registrar:
3. You will then be notified of your application status and be provided additional payment instructions.



Resignation by any Member shall be in writing to the Registrar of the Association. Resignation of the Member will become effective on the date the Association receives the written and signed notice of that Members resignation.


After due process, the Association may suspend or terminate the Membership of any Member for unprofessional conduct or reasonable cause, provided reasonable notice and opportunity for a hearing has been given to the Member, as prescribed in these By-laws in Section 4, Discipline.


Any Member who ceases to be a Member by reason of resignation, expulsion, default in payment of dues or any other reason, shall forfeit all rights, claims and interests associated with Membership in this Association. Nothing in this section shall extinguish any claims the Association may have against the Member. Professional dues will not be refunded.  

Registration/Membership cards are the property of the Association. The Association shall maintain the right to recall any Registration/ Membership card, at any time.

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